Thursday, August 18, 2011

Free Commodity Trading Tips On Mobile

Gold touched a new high today. On MCX, gold prices have gone beyond Rs 26,500. Record rise in gold investors due to the rapid increase in this trend. With the edge of the silver is trading at Rs 60 744.
Decline in crude oil today. Naimaks on the MCX on the decline in crude oil is traded. On MCX, crude oil is at Rs 3,973.
In today's strong showing is traded base metals. Advantage of weakness in rupee against the dollar today is to get all the base metals. While the rupee against the dollar has now reached the lower levels of the last 6 months.
Have also been hit by weakness in Rs spices. Export to drop due to fears that all the spices to be traded on the decline.
In today's commodity markets, gold has attracted the attention. While increasing the height of the gold market has surprised investors have become circumspect. What should be the rapid rise in the gold market experts and experts from strategy to know.

Gold in gold fund investors place bets on new altitude record. The investment or gift for the gold coins will be the best. Sandeep Jain, retired or pensioner advises that investors would be the best choice for the Gold Fund ETF.
Decline in crude oil today. Naimaks crude oil is trading around $ 87. While modest gains in domestic crude oil is trading at. On MCX, crude oil along the edge is at Rs 3976.
Gold remains strong. Edge with gold on MCX is trading at Rs 26 394. Edge is even with silver at Rs 60 468. The base metals are traded on the edge.
With crude oil in international markets - with gold and silver are also seeing a decline.

Naimeks now slipped 0.4 percent to 87.25 dollars per barrel crude oil is at. Slight edge over the Brent crude remains above the level of 110.50 dollars a barrel.

Both gold and silver at the moment Comeks is looking weak. Nearly $ 1 to $ 1785.80 per ounce gold on Comeks away is trading at. Also Comeks the weakness of the silver $ 1 dollar per ounce level remains at 40.3.


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