Sunday, January 23, 2011

Commodity Silver Tips

Sure Shot Silver Tips: We mentioned yesterday "Silver facing resistance at 45000. It is trading between 20 & 50 days EMA. Crossing of anyone will decide the new trend. 

We mentioned on tuesday that a pull back rally was there but this rally will be confirmed if closed above 45000. Still some downside is pending in this counter." Silver crossed and closed below its 50 days EMA of 43400 and a sharp fall seen yesterday. Still some more downside is there. Reversal level is for subscribers only.

Last week we were bearish and sold at higher level.... It was made a high was 44970 and low was 40253 and finally closed with negative bias... Over all trend is bearish... In this week, we may consider resistance ............. Zone and remain below sell side....... Downside target..............? Thereafter...............?

This counter yesterday shown weakness as we expect & mention to our client and our all clients book profits around 44500 to 44900. Yesterday we wrote in our paid newsletter that only above 44750 its looks bullish for next rally. Now still we are expecting up move from next week. So join us and get best levels for buying and selling.

This counter last trading session crash at commodity market and maintain at 43750.00 level below again and again down trend start in this counter and continuous selling pressure in counter up side 43750.00 level below maintain bearish trend and low side support at 41500.00 level and break below more bearish and low side touch at 40600.00 level and hold this level so short buying in this counter but buy at this level around and sell at only rise.

COMEX SILVER: - Last trading session down trend in this counter and close at 27.50$ and up side 28.02$ level and cross above shortly up moment and up side touch at 28.97$ and 30.45$ but sell at every rise because long term heavy selling in bullions and low side support 26.56$ and break below 25.61$ and next support 24.15$ and more then bearish..

Silver is also in downtrend and still some downside is pending in this counter. This week some pull back rally till 43100 an be seen in this counter but that will be selling opportunity with a SL of 43700. Downside it can fall till 40960 where it may take support.

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